Version 2.1 October 2021 

We want to welcome you to our exclusive companionship agency, The Rendez Vous Club. Herewith we present the respective terms and conditions of The Rendez Vous Club, Rotterdam. 

The client accepts the following terms and conditions in order to be granted use of the services which The Rendez Vous Club legally provides.

Article 1. Definitions 

The Rendez Vous Club A high-class escort agency registered in the chamber of commerce under number 76289915 that mediates between companion and client. 

Client A person with a minimum age of 18, who wishes to conclude or have concluded a booking agreement via The Rendez Vous Club. 

Companion A woman, man or transgender with a minimum age of 21 represented only by The Rendez Vous Club who accept and execute bookings only on the basis of their own free will. 

Terms and conditions Definitions and conditions of The Rendez Vous Club Booking The service that The Rendez Vous Club provides between companion and client. That is, on a specified day and time, and for a specified period of time. Booking confirmation When the booking is accepted and agreed on by the companion and client, and verified by The Rendez Vous Club.

 International booking A booking that is executed outside of The Netherlands. 

Agreement The agreement between The Rendez Vous Club to provide and the client to use a service or services which will be carried out by a companion. 

Communication The Rendez Vous club can only operate via email, which always ends with, and our phone number, which can be found on our contact page.

Article 2. General terms and conditions

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to each offer and quotation from us and to each agreement you have with us. Your terms and conditions do not apply to any agreement you have or may have with us. 

2.2 It is possible that we come to an agreement that deviates from these general terms and conditions. In these cases, the deviation is only valid for the specific agreement for which it was agreed upon. 

2.3 For certain types of dates, additional conditions apply, which you can find on our website next to the specified type of date. If these conditions deviate from the general terms and conditions, the additional conditions are valid.

Article 3. Legality and registration

 3.1 The Rendez Vous Club is a fully legal, licensed and registered escort service. 

• The Rendez Vous club is registered at the chamber of commerce in Rotterdam under number 76289915 

• The Rendez Vous Club holds a permit for running an escort service. This permit has number A. 0045341.2020 

• All services provided by The Rendez Vous Club are subjected to 21% VAT. The VAT number of The Rendez Vous Club is: B01227526144 

3.2 The email address of The Rendez Vous Club is During opening hours, we will respond within 2 hours. 

3.3 The Rendez Vous Club can be reached by telephone during the opening hours which you can find on the contact page. Missed calls we aim to return within 30 minutes.

Article 4. Booking requirements 

4.1 A booking requires a 2-hour minimum service or longer. 

4.2 A booking cannot start between 00:00 – 09:00 (MET) 

4.3 Unless otherwise agreed upon, the date will be strictly between the companion and you; no other people are allowed to be present. 

4.4 A first booking always takes place in a hotel which meets special hygiene standards (or another place if discussed with The Rendez Vous Club) in order to assure the safety of the companions. The companion will meet you in the hotel’s bar or restaurant. 

4.5 You are required to treat the companion with respect and discretion. Questions about their private life or career choice are not allowed. 

4.6 Alcohol can be consumed during the date. The companion will only do this in moderation. You are never allowed to have drugs on you, to use drugs in the presence of the companion or to offer drugs to the companion. 4.7 When a date includes dinner, you are required to inform us of the name of the restaurant in advance. 

4.8 A date cannot take place in a car, a student dorm, a swinger’s club or a sex club, at any time. A date can only take place in a hygienic environment.

Article 5. client requirements 

5.1 Client needs to be at least 18 years old. If the companion has doubts about your age during the date, they always have the right to ask you for identification. If you are not at least 18 years old or cannot show valid proof of ID, the date is terminated immediately without you being entitled to restitution. 

5.2 Client only handles a booking or any communication for himself. It is not allowed to place a booking for third parties. 

5.3 Client is not allowed to meet a companion on a date under the influence of drugs. 

5.4 Client is not allowed to ask or encourage the companion to have unsafe sex, such as uncovered oral, vaginal or anal. 

5.5 Client must observe a high degree of personal hygiene. This means, among other things, that you have showered, your genitals are clean and you have brushed your teeth. 

5.6 Client is never permitted to: 

• Make any video/audio recordings of the companion. 

• Ask for the companion’s real name. 

• Inspect private properties, this includes everything the companion takes with them during the date. 

• Make direct contact with the companion, to exchange any personal details. 

5.7 Client only takes the companion to social occasions when both companion and The Rendez Vous Club agreed on this. 

5.8 Client provides the companion with a meal at least every 6 hours. With a minimum of 3 meals within 24 hours, at the client’s expense. 

5.9 Client will offer the companion on a booking of a duration of 9-24 hours, which takes place during common sleep hours, a minimum of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

5.10 Client must always refrain from misleading actions, harassment and/or acts of omission and neglect which endanger the safety of a companion or The Rendez Vous Club.

Article 6. Rates and payments 

6.1 Client will inform The Rendez Vous Club of the method of payment prior to the booking. 

6.2 All payments must be made prior to the booking or when agreed on, within the first 10 minutes of the booking. 6.3 All prices mentioned in our offers are in Euro, including VAT and excluding travel costs to and from the location of the date and all other additional costs. Additional costs can be, for instance, the costs for hotels and restaurants.

6.4 For discretion reasons, a general name will be listed for all electronic payments. This name is the registered trade name of The Rendez Vous Club. 

6.5 Should you wish to request an invoice, the client needs to inform us of the request in writing. 

6.6 Client is not entitled to a refund if the date is not being held until the agreed ending time or if the client does not make use of the agreed upon services during the date. 

6.7 When client pays in cash, you must allow the companion sufficient opportunity to check the amount. The date will not start before the full amount has been paid. 

6.8 For international bookings, the travel costs, visa costs and all other costs of the companion must be paid in full and in advance. 

6.9 The Rendez Vous Club accepts payments in Euros, American Dollars and British Pounds. When paying with Euros, 500-Euro notes are not accepted. When paying with Dollars or Pounds, the payment is based on the exchange rate on the day of the payment, plus any additional bank- and exchange charges. 

6.10 The companion does not carry any change. 

6.11 Client understands and accepts that The Rendez Vous Club surcharges an addition of 5% on every payment held via pin machine. This surcharge is to compensate for costs involved with providing the means to make a card payment possible. The card used by the client must be in the name of the client themselves. 

6.12 In the event of a technical malfunction of the portable pin machine, the companion will take time to try to solve this, this time is not part of the booking duration. If this technical malfunction cannot be solved, the client will cooperate to find an alternative method of payment. Any costs and time involved are not charged to the client. 

6.13 The Rendez Vous Club accepts payments via bank transfer, the payment must have been received by The Rendez Vous Club 24-hours in advance of the booking. 

6.14 In all cases, The Rendez Vous Club will have the rights to claim specific performance, compensation or damage in addition to the rights referred to in this article.

Article 7. International booking requirements 

7.1 It is possible to book a date with a companion outside the Netherlands. For these international dates there must be no negative travel advice for the applicable country and no major disparity between men and women to the detriment of the woman within that country. 

7.2 Almost every European city requires a minimum booking of 12 hours, including travel time. Most other cities of the world require a minimum booking of 24 hours, including the travel time. 

7.3 Client must take into account that when a visa is required for the country where the date will take place, the duration of the application for such a visa and all costs are provided by the client. 

7.4 Client must take into account that any additional expenses during and for the purpose of reaching the destination of the international booking, are at the client’s expense. All additional expenses are subject to 21% VAT. 

7.5 Client must pay 50% of the booking rate and all additional expenses prior to the day that the companion starts travelling. The other 50% can be paid during the booking, however may not exceed Euro 5000. 

7.6 The client can select the travel method, if it is a safe and reasonably comfortable travel method. 

7.7 The Rendez Vous Club will book the travel itinerary after a written approval has been received from the client. Unless otherwise requested, the cheapest options are booked, with the rules mentioned above taken into account. 

7.8 Any costs made for changing or cancelling (change or cancellation that has been made by the client) are at the clients’ expense. If any changes or cancellation have been made by The Rendez Vous Club or the companion, these are not at the clients’ expense.

Article 8. changes/ cancellation by the client

8.1 In the event of a change or cancellation of a booking by the client, the client must inform The Rendez Vous Club as soon as possible via telephone or email. 

8.2 If the client already paid the full amount of money, they get a full restitution if the cancellation has been made at least 24 hours in advance minus an administrative fee of Euro 25. 

8.3 A cancellation or a change is only valid when this has been confirmed via email or telephone by The Rendez Vous Club. 

8.4 If a client wishes to cancel a booking up to 24 hours (in The Netherlands) the client will be free of charge when this cancellation has been made at least 48 hours prior to the booking. When the cancellation has been made between 48 hours and 6 hours prior to the booking The Rendez Vous Club will charge the client 25% of the booking fee. When the cancellation has been made less than 6 hours prior to the booking, the client is charged the rate for the minimum booking. 

8.5 If the client cancels an international date no later than 72 hours prior to the date, they will receive a restitution for the already paid amount minus an administrative fee of Euro 250. 

8.6 When a date has been confirmed and the location or time of the date is being changed within two hours prior to the date, we reserve the right to cancel the date if the new location does not meet the requirements mentioned in Article 4 or if the new time is not feasible. In that case, the full amount for the date will be charged. 

8.7 If a client will have a delay or expect a delay and the client will not make it to the date on time, the client must inform The Rendez Vous Club as soon as possible. The waiting time will be deducted from the duration of the date if you have not reported your delay to us before the agreed starting time of the date. A delay exceeding 30 minutes is always deducted from the date, also when the client informed The Rendez Vous Club beforehand. If the client is more than 30 minutes late for a date and has not contacted us about this, the companion will leave the location of the date. In that case, the costs of the entire date will be charged to the client. If the client has only paid a deposit, the remaining amount will be invoiced. 

8.8 In case of a delayed companion, the booking duration does not change. The client has no right to cancel or lower the booking duration due to the delay.

Article 9. changes/ cancellation by The Rendez Vous club

9.1 When a date is cancelled by the companion due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or private circumstances, The Rendez Vous Club will contact the client as soon as possible to find a suitable solution. In that case you have the right to cancel the date free of charge, after which the amount already paid will be refunded. 9.2 The Rendez Vous Club and the companion have the right to cancel a date when the desired location does not meet our requirements. 

9.3 The Rendez Vous Club and the companion have the right to cancel a date when a person other than the person named in the reservation participates in the date. In this case the client will be charged the full amount of the booking that has been confirmed prior to the booking. 

9.4 If the companion has a delay of more than 30 minutes the client has the right to cancel the date free of charge, provided that the date was booked at least 6 hours in advance. 

9.5 The Rendez Vous Club and the companion have the right to cancel a date when in the opinion of the companion, identity, integrity or security cannot be guaranteed. In this case the client will be charged the full amount of the booking that has been confirmed prior to the booking. 

9.6 The Rendez Vous Club and the companion have the right to cancel a date when the client does not fulfil the agreed terms and conditions. 

9.7 The Rendez Vous Club and the companion have the right to cancel a date when the companion does not wish to stay, the companion is not required to provide any particular services or anything against their will.

Article 10. Fraud 

10.1 Any client who provides The Rendez Vous Club with false information, such as incorrect identity- and/or contact details, or false information about the location of the booking, is considered a fraud. 

10.2 A client who repeatedly confirms a booking without a result of the actual booking is considered a fraud. 

Article 11. Privacy 

11.1 All information provided by the client towards The Rendez Vous Club will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the execution of the services that The Rendez Vous Club provides. For more information about your privacy, please, refer the our Privacy Statement. 

Article 12. Liability 

12.1 The Rendez Vous Club cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this website. 

12.2 The Rendez Vous Club cannot be held liable for any disappointed expectations on the part of the client. 

12.3 The Rendez Vous Club’s liability is always limited to any direct damage. The Rendez Vous Club will never be liable for indirect or consequential damage. 

12.4 Any liability on the part of The Rendez Vous Club is furthermore limited to a maximum of 100% of the net amount of the confirmed booking. 

12.5 In case The Rendez Vous Club can’t complete its obligations fully due to an incident that cannot be attributed to The Rendez Vous Club, and an alternative solution cannot be found within a reasonable amount of time, both The Rendez Vous Club and the client will have the right to cancel the date without any compensations, neither for the client nor The Rendez Vous Club.

Article 13. complaints / guarantees 

13.1 The Rendez Vous Club regards any complaints as unfortunate. We are holding a complaints procedure. Please, contact The Rendez Vous Club for this procedure. 

13.2 It is the responsibility of the client to file any complaints to The Rendez Vous Club in written form, within a reasonable time after the complaint has arisen. If The complaint hasn’t been received after 2 weeks by The Rendez Vous Club, the complaint becomes a dispute. 

13.3 The Rendez Vous Club will respond to any complaints within 10 days. 

13.4 The Rendez Vous Club does not provide any guarantee towards the client concerning the client’s experience during a date, partly given the very personal experience that the nature of the service entails. 

Article 14. Disputes 

14.1 Only Dutch law applies to agreements where these general terms and conditions are applicable. The law determines which court has jurisdiction to handle a dispute. In the event of any difference of opinion between the parties about the content and/or scope of these general terms and conditions, the Dutch version of these general terms and conditions is applicable.