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Welcome to The Rendez Vous Club, your premier high-class escort agency. We invite you to explore your deepest desires and surrender to the allure of our captivating nightingales. Our beautiful companions are eager to provide you with an unforgettable night filled with temptation. If you find it challenging to select the perfect match, simply give us a call, and we’ll gladly arrange it for you.

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Owner and founder of The Rendez Vous Club

Free-spirited, empowered people are the most beautiful beings in the world

My name is Robin and I want to give you a peek into my world. Authentic femininity is a combination of class, tenderness and the pride to feel everything she desires to feel any moment, any time. I feel very flattered that you are seeking Rendez Vous’ lovely companions to let your naughtiest dreams come true. Rendez Vous is known for conscious services and exclusive companionship. About high class escort agency The Rendez Vous Club matchmaking; we pride ourselves in providing our best matched high-class escorts for exclusive experiences. We believe in ultimate yet exclusive companionship for intimate experiences. Our gorgeous companions are great conversation partners, open minded, very sensual and always in for new adventures. Just let us know your particular wishes and we will arrange the perfect date for you and your favourite companion. Start your evening with a fine chat, whilst enjoying your drink and fine dining at high-end restaurants. Continue while excitement rises. Go for unforgettable naughty experiences in ecstasy, time after time. Experience high level sexual energy, intimacy and desire.

The Rendez Vous Club Partner and founder of male companions

Breaking the taboo on this incredible industry with modern marketing truly is a passion of mine

From a young age on I saw woman and men in the sex work industry as strong and independent individuals who truly pursue their own ideas. The ladies and men of The Rendez Vous Club truly enjoy their dates, amongst that they are very intelligent, put together, and not the typical ‘’you come from a bad family’’ kind of upbringing. I want to showcase the world that it can be done the right way, and what this profession truly means. We tend to forget that we don’t hurt others, we are able to arrange an unforgettable experience. At last it’s the oldest profession of mankind; so let’s break the stigma and show this world what our nightingales truly can do.

My contribution to this will be applying my marketing experience in such a fast-growing industry, why? Because it’s important for the agency, for us and for society. My university at the time rejected me for doing my internship at a high class escort agency, even though I was a star student. They gave me the following excuse: ’’the world isn’t ready yet’’. This was the biggest drive to push this journey forwards, in combination with my passion for the profession. Let’s make a change, let’s break the stigma together.

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Our identity and purpose

At the helm of The Rendez Vous Club is Robin Griffin, our founder. Her insatiable curiosity for human nature, combined with a passion for photography, has led her to engage in high-profile international projects aimed at dispelling unfortunate stigmas. Robin is an open-minded spirit, occasionally a bit naughty, who enjoys keen observation and playful interactions, all rooted in a good heart and a touch of sarcasm.

Joining Robin is Yannick Voest, our partner. Yannick brings a wealth of experience in the industry, along with a deep interest in psychology and marketing. His expertise illuminates our approach to high-class companionship, ensuring it is ethical, memorable, and genuinely enriching.

Our high class escorts are meticulously cared for to ensure they provide you with the utmost luxury service. We prioritize passionate companionship, a yearning for desire, and exciting intimacy. We are dedicated to the growth and well-being of our high class escorts, organizing enriching company outings, sensual workshops, and coaching sessions to guarantee you the finest high-class escort service.

The world is a magnificent concrete jungle filled with hidden beauties. If you rush through life too swiftly, you may never have the chance to savor its delights. Take a step back and allow us to guide you through our forest of love, where you’ll stroll amidst the enchanting trees. Do you hear that? It’s the sweet serenade of nightingales welcoming you to their world.