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Our costs

Male rates


2 hours
€ 600
3 hours
€ 900
4 hours
€ 1100
5 hours
€ 1300
6 hours
€ 1450
7 hours
€ 1600
8 hours
€ 1750
12 hours (overnight)
€ 2000
24 hours
€ 2650
48 hours
€ 4000
€ 7000
Extra day
€ 1000
Our costs

Female rates


2 hours € 700
3 hours € 1.000
4 hours € 1.200
5 hours € 1.400
6 hours € 1.600
7 hours € 1.750
8 hours € 1.900
10 hours € 2.200
12 hours € 2.400
24 hours € 3.000
48 hours € 4.750
Week € 11.000
Extra day € 1.000
Midweek € 9.000


Couples € 50 per hour
Companionship only € 200 From 3 hours
Extra hour € 300 -

Travel costs

0 - 30 minutes 0
30 - 45 minutes 50
45 - 60 minutes 75
60 - 75 minutes 100
75 - 90 minutes 125
90 -105 minutes 150
105 - 120 minutes 175
From 120 minutes Upon request


2 hours € 800
3 hours € 1.150
4 hours € 1.400
5 hours € 1.650
6 hours € 1.900
7 hours € 2.100
8 hours € 2.300
10 hours € 2.700
12 hours € 3.000
24 hours € 4.200
48 hours € 7.150

Package rates

Private casino Upon request
Ménage à trois € 1950
Get to know before you meet € 200
Relax and unwind € 850
Fine wine and dine € 1000
Timeless € 1100
Playroom Antwerp € 1100
Lingerie play € 1150
Go clubbing € 1200
Erotic events € 1400
City experience € 2500
Get surprised Upon request


‘The Rendez Vous club securing you with the best experiences’

Following our beloved packages with amazing companions, to fulfill your most loving and wildest fantasies. For a tailor made experience, let The Rendez Vous Club fully assist you.

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Fine wine & dine

Choose a fancy restaurant where you can fully enjoy each other’s company for 2 hours, whilst enjoying a good glass of wine and fine dishes. To then spend the next 2 hours in excitement and ecstasy in a hotel room of your and your companion’s choice.  

We also offer to arrange a fancy dinner and hotel. Just to ensure that you and your companion will experience anintimate evening with a carefully selected luxurious atmosphere.


Get surprised

Get ready to be surprised by your favorite companion. We are definitely in for a surprise and a little role-play to reverse roles. Our companion will take you to your favorite restaurant and picks a fancy hotel to spend some private time.

Do you want to have at least a little control? You can take the lead and choose a different activity by your choice. We will ask our companion to be creative and take control again

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Private casino

Step into a world of intrigue and excitement with our exclusive Game Night Experience, where games take on a whole new level of allure. Choose two companions of your liking, or entrust us to match you with individuals who complement your desires and preferences perfectly.


Indulge in an evening of games and seduction, tailored precisely to your whims. Whether it’s a sophisticated round of poker hosted by our licensed dealer or any other game that sets your heart racing, our companions are here to ensure every moment is filled with excitement and enchantment.

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Ménage à trois

Indulge in the ultimate expression of intimacy with our exclusive “ménage à trois” experience. Picture this: Two perfectly matched companions, seamlessly intertwined in a symphony of passion and desire, ready to fulfill your deepest fantasies.

Begin your evening at a lavish bar, where you’ll savor exquisite wines, all while basking in the electric chemistry between you and your companions. Engage in stimulating conversation, laughter, and shared glances, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Retreat to a luxurious hotel room of your choice, where every detail has been meticulously arranged for your pleasure. Let go of inhibitions and dive into a realm of pure ecstasy, where boundaries blur and desires are fulfilled.

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Let us take you on the ultimate girlfriend experience  forgetabout time and simply enjoy each other’s company fully in the moment.  

 This ultimate G.F.E. package is perfect if you are in for an endless intimate adventure. We will charge you for the hours you have spent with one of our companions after you have spent a breathtaking date

High class escort agency The Rendez Vous Club

City experience

Got plans to leave the city or country with one of our companions? Book our companion for a fully arranged two or three days city trip. Your preferences are limitless with us, we will adjust the trip accordingly to your wishes.

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Lingerie play

Exclusive lingerie show

It’s definitely not a secret: sexy lingerie makes our companions feel sensual and sophisticated. Book yourself an exclusive lingerie show with one or more of our companions.

You can communicate your wishes and preferences in advance, so that we are well-informed to take this party to a breathtaking level. We also offer fully arranged lingerie shows, where our companion(s) will welcome you at a preferred hotel room with the best champagne and appetizers, ready to party. If you are ready to book 2 or more companions, we will make sure they met in advance and will prepare a personal show adapted to your wishes!

*The price is including a new lingerie set the companion of your choice will buy in advance, let us know your preferred colour…

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Do you know there’s a secret city loft hidden in the city of Antwerp? Take your favourite companion on adventure with you to this deluxe apartment, designed to allow you to experience your secret thoughts in an elegant setting.

couple ladies

Go clubbing

Our companions are in for a good party at any time, from a luxury party like Society E to a night clubbing at the most vibrant clubs, or any other place that offers good entertainment.

During this package you will enjoy the high of the party lifestyle together with as many companions as you wish for.

After the party comes the after party: take 1 or 2 of our companions to an after party and end the festive evening with allure in a luxury hotel room. This package offers customized services. Make it yours.

High class escort agency The Rendez Vous Club

Relax & Unwind

Wellness experience

We offer a completely arranged wellness experience for you and your favorite companion. Treat yourself and your companion for a well-deserved relaxing moment at the spa. Have nice chats and enjoy fine dishes at the restaurant.

End the night together in a beautiful hotel room with fancy breakfasts the next morning.


Get to know before you meet

Can’t wait until you meet your companion and do you prefer to get in touch with your companion beforehand?

We offer an online service where you can chat with the companion before the actual date night.This package does not include the real date.

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Erotic events

The erotic events we work with offers quarterly unforgettable parties that make your wildest fantasies possible. Enjoy these private parties with one of your favorite companions.

Start your evening with some drinks to loosen up, head down to the sensational party and after parties. End the night with a stay at a hotel of preference.

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