FAQ high class escort agency

What are the requirements for becoming a high-class companion?

The first FAQ FOR a high class agency is ofter what the requirements are. We are looking for spontaneous ladies, gents and transgenders. If you are adventurous, enthusiastic, fluent in English, and in possession of a European passport, feel free to contact us for an application form. The energy when you enter the room is something we pay attention to. However, if you want to know more check out our website “become a companion”.

Is it legal?

Yes! Our services are legal and we screen our companions and clients. We have the Dutch sex workers permit.

Do I need to have experience to become a companion?

No, everyone needs to start somewhere and if you are enthusiastic and have an eager to learn and able to adapt easily to situations this job might be something for you!

How many hours is the work

You completely plan your own schedule, whether you are having some bookings a week (we avoid ladies & men, whose income is depending on being a companion) or maybe a month not, it’s all alright!

Why do we call you high class?

  1. Companions are not dependable on the income of this work.
  2. Have a higher education or are widely interested in what’s happening globally.
  3. Taking good care of themselves.
  4. Having rates from €700 per 2 hours.
  5. 5* plus hotels & well-screened homes to go.
  6. Well-trained companions.
  7. Offering the whole service & experience, stimulating you physically and mentally.
Is it safe?
  1. We do screen our clients and are of course in close collaboration with all the parties making sure safety is as far as we can guarantee.
  2. We have a zero-tolerance for drugs.
  3. Working for us means getting educated and trained, we live by our “The Rendez Vous Standard book” which you get by working for us.
Who is the team behind TRVC?

The lady that started The Rendez Vous Club is Robin together with Yannick as partner, you can find more about Robin, Yannick and TRVC in the section about us.

What do I earn?

You get 70% of the bookings rate, all the travel costs, and any tips you can keep all for yourself. We made a calculating tool where you can fill in any amount of € to see what you have left net.

FAQ high class agency