Finding the perfect chemistry


The ultimate goal of The Rendez Vous Club is to arrange a night to remember with your companion. Matchmaking is a crucial part of our service, and it goes beyond the surface of just preferences. To make a match made in heaven we as an agency must be in possession of certain qualities. On this page we would like to share our personal matchmaking story. for you, to get a better understanding of The Rendez Vous club’s specialty.

First of all, you need to have curiosity and people skills. If you are not truly curious about other human beings and their characters you cannot be a matchmaker. Luckily for The Rendez Vous Club, Robin Griffin is highly curious about people. She wants to know them, understand them and be of service to them. This part of her personality makes Robin a good matchmaker.

”This may sound out of the ordinary, but it all happened through photography and star signs”. Robin started to do photography at the age of 15. She started to photograph people, and this was satisfying to her. She could make people happy by the way she portrayed them. She had to take a close look at a person to be able to portray them in the right way. She was learning about people without being conscious of it. When she was a bit older and studying photography she became interested in star signs. Not the floaty part of it, but the part where you can gain information about someone based on their birth month. ”Unconsciously I  unravel character traits by talking about astrology with a given person”. It’s a social and interesting tool for exploring each other’s characters better, amongst talking about the wishes one might have.

This is only a small part of Robins matchmaking theory, but she hopes it will give you some insight into the vision of The Rendez Vous Club. looking beyond the surface is one of our greatest missions.

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Couple Matchmaking

Spicing intimacy up, going on an adventure together or just being curious? There are different reasons for couples to be diving into the curiosity of inviting a high class escort into their intimate bubble. Why? Because a high class escort has extensive experience in navigating through this dynamic of different interests. They know how to make you feel at ease in order to make it an experience you won’t forget, and most of all you can enjoy without a worry during the exciting event. Amongst that high class escorts are reliable and discrete when it comes to the agreement you and your partner make, whether it’s a one-time-only agreement or something more regular.

Energy is incredibly important according to Yannick (partner of The Rendez Vous Club), why? ”with my experience in this wonderful industry I can say that mixing three energies together can build into a climax of unknown heights and ecstasy”.

You want to listen to the matchmaking podcast? Listen on Spotify