Jockstrap – gold satin


”Exclusive men’s lingerie” Wearing carefully selected and exclusive materials from Italy will make sure that you feel comfortable, sexy, and not to forget; like a seductive man in this jockstrap. The jockstrap embodies the shape of a male’s body with complementary elastic bands for comfort around the bottom. Set into a night of ease with its fine material and metal details, or seize Saturday night fever by using the lingerie as dancewear. You could surprise your lover, but most importantly do it for you; you are worth it. Don’t hesitate to get this exclusive gift for yourself, before it’s too late.

* Limited quantity with a crafting time of about 1 to 2 days


Wash instructions

Due to our delicate materials we use in the process of making our men’s and woman’s lingerie, we would like to advise you how to take care of our beautiful pieces.

Wash gently by hand on delicate manner in cool water; hot water can break down fabrics and elastic. Use a gentle detergent (investing in a lingerie specific one will extend the life of your underwear). You won’t have to wring our twist lingerie to remove water as this will cause to damage the materials.

Don’t let the time commitment of a long soak scare you off. The beauty of hand-washing your undergarments is that it requires just five minutes of actual hands-on labour.

You can use a washing line or an edge in your bathroom to hang your freshly washed lingerie pieces to dry

Now all you have to do is to enjoy your beautiful piece of lingerie!


*Model is not a companion