Hey there, it’s Luna here.

Let me take you to the wonderful world of tantra! Often when people hear the word tantra they think about sex, but tantra is so much more than that! It’s a whole philosophy. For now, though, I will stick to the juicy side of tantra: tantric sex…

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is about getting out of your head and really feel what is happening in your body right now and how that feels. It is having sex without the goal of an orgasm. This does not mean you can’t have an orgasm (and believe me, my most intense orgasms happened during tantric sex) but tantra is all about enjoying pleasure together without having any goal at all. The result: having sex in a state of being completely at ease. All your senses are heightened. You feel every touch more tingling,

everything you see looks more beautiful and you hear everything more clearly.

Let me just give you a few juicy advantages of tantra:

  • Full body orgasms
  • You feel love in a way you never felt before
  • You make a real connection with your lover
  • Clear your head and be fully present your body (so delicious)
  • Be completely relaxed and horny at the same time…

With tantric sex you don’t just make love, you surrender to love! Tantric sex is about two people making a real connection. Two bodies melting together as one!

Let’s get it on…

Ok, this all sounds incredible, right!? So, let’s make it more practical: how to have tantric sex? There is no goal and there are no rules for tantric sex. That’s why I give you more of an example than a step-by-step instruction manual.

Tantric sex starts with you! So, take a moment to close your eyes, breathe in and out a few times (more deeply than you normally do) and really tune into how you feel: how does your body feel and what does it need right now?

Open your eyes and look at your lover. Look into each other’s eyes while sitting opposite of each other, without touching each other. Feel the energy between you (roughly half a meter apart). Seduce your lover with your eyes, your smile, touching yourself, slowly undressing yourself… Simply enjoy this moment and don’t give into each other too soon.

Just take it slow… and slow… and slower… 

Take it slow. The slower you go, the more heightened your senses will be! So, move towards each other very slowly. Now touch your lover by using gentle, loving strokes. Focus your full attention on the part of his/her body that you are touching – and only that. Touch, watch and tease… Focus only on yourself and your lover. Notice how time and space vanishes. There is only you and your lover…

Open up to each other

The way of opening a woman is through her breasts. The way of opening a man is through his penis. What I mean with opening is making each other ready for penetration (it’s actually more than that but to keep it simple let’s stick to this). Touch, lick and kiss this part of the body. Again, take it slow and focus consciously on that body part. Be fully present with yourself and your lover…

A woman needs more time to open up than a man. Let her decide the moment of penetration. A great position for tantric sex is the yab-yum position: the woman sits on top of the man; both are in an upwards position. Now move slowly as one, no friction (so no pumping in and out of the vagina) and stay relaxed. Enjoy all the beautiful sensations in your body!

Try different positions, kiss intensely and with passion, touch each other, keep eye contact, laugh together… Do whatever feels good and do it as one body. Melt into each other and forget about everything else in the world! Only you two matter. Enjoy…