Our lingerie campaign in the newspaper! Noord Hollands dagblad published a news article around lingerie designer Willemijn Borsjé.

In her attic room, at home with her parents, is a shiny, blue and white sewing machine. Willemijn Borsjé (21) works there on average for about 1 to 2 hours a day making lingerie designed by herself. She recently teamed up with an Amsterdam escort agency, so now she has to get to work. Borsjé, born and raised in Hoorn, actually entered the world a bit by accident.

After high school at Tabor College and later the OSG West-Friesland, she orientated herself on further education. “Fashion design, so designing clothes, give me something. I went for an intake and presented drawings of a dress I designed myself and explain why I chose satin and lace. I was asked if I did not want to do the ‘customization’ training. That is more focused on the technical side, making clothes.

That seemed like something to me.” She is almost in the last year of her training at the ROC in Amsterdam South, so she knows the ropes. Still, designing clothes has always been an itch. “In retrospect, I think there was a little too little attention for that.” It does make her look for another way to give to that passion. In her spare time she starts designing lingerie. “Unconsciously, it was the impetus to start my own business.”

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Picture: Jaap van der Pijl

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