How do you book a high class escort on The Rendez Vous Club? 

1. Wander around 

Stimulate your mind by wandering through our website. Who is catching your eye? About whom would you like to know more about? It is okay if you are not sure yet, The Rendez Vous Club team will be happy to assist you with making the right match.

2. Reach out via our contact page or business whatsapp 

There are different ways to seek for contact. If you would like to have a more personal talk, you can always call the number on our contact page. If you are in a rush you can send an e-mail that is also to be found on the contact page. Please put as much as information as you can in the e-mail, this way it is easier for us to take action right away. Last but not least, there is the option to use the ‘Book now’ page. In this form you can fill in everything that we need to know about you and your wishes. From here we can immediately come back to you and take action.

3. We come back to you 

After you reached out for contact, we will come back to you. As I said, it is fine if you are not sure yet whom you would like to take on a date, we are happy to assist you. We will ask a few specific questions to understand your wishes, to see which companion fit that desire best. A specific question can be what kind of date do you wish for, do you prefer to take the lead? or the other way around? Do you wish to have a massage? Specific topics you would like to talk about? Or perhaps you prefer a specific body type, you can let us know as much as possible.

4. Introduction 

We will introduce 1 or a few companions that we think will be a good match for you, you can also choose the ‘get to know before you meet’ package. This way, you can chat or talk to the companion you want to know more about before you take her on a date. If not, we can arrange a date to remember.

5. Arrange the date 

When we know which companion you would like to take on a date, we will set-up the actual date on a location of your choice. Don’t worry, if you don’t have time to seek for a location or you are not sure yet where to look, we can also assist you here. The anticipation can start ff the date and the location is being confirmed both by us and the companion of your choice.

6. Have fun with your date! 

By now, you have booked an exclusive date via The Rendez Vous Club. We kindly ask you to read the client etiquette prior to your date. If you have any questions or a specific wish, let us know!